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12-12-2014, 08:08 AM
So I already have a 7hp G&D chiller. I have been looking at evaporators for a room and have used several online calculators to determine size, but they all want to know the GPM. The chiller says it pushes 40GPM, but won't that slow down based on pipe size and how many tanks it is running through? I have 5 500 gal tanks with 3/4 jackets from Vance Tank Manufacturing. I want to be able to chill my 20x30x10 ft room down 30 degrees F from the ambient temperature at times and hold it there for extended periods. This is a wine operation btw, not beer. I have found that this website it much more helpful than any winery website by far. Any recommendations on an evaporator whether it's Bohn, Krack, or whatever Pro Refrigeration sells? And what size header and supply lines would you recommend. The largest we will ever get is 10 500 gal tanks with 3/4 jackets. No plans to go larger. Thank you for any information and I appreciate all the knowledge I have received by lurking these last few months.


12-13-2014, 07:10 AM
The estimated room holding load based on 20X30X10 is around 30,000 BTU/HR, the "Pull Down Load" will be higher to bringing from Ambient down the 30 F (this will depend on how quickly you'll need to pull the room temperature down). Your 7 HP is definitely an option to service this. Of course, you'll need to factor any additional, and simultaneous, tank loads to determine if your current system is adequate to service your facility.

Your question about pipe sizing has a few variables, the best way to calculate would be to provide a sketch of your facility showing the tank layout (with number of cooling jackets), elevation gains, cold box, and chiller system location. We can then factor total piping length, as well as the flow requirements of your vessels. Email this to me and I'll have our application team run a quick design flow estimate to help confirm header sizes as well as see if your current 40 GPM flow capacity is a realistic option.

We have a Sales Representative that covers your region who is based in Memphis, I'd be glad to have them reach out to you.

Shoot me an email with your contact information and I'd be happy to forward this to them and have them follow up with you directly.

Hope this helps, good luck with your project.

Jim VanderGiessen
Pro Chiller Systems