View Full Version : Head loss due to glycol jacket

12-27-2014, 09:02 PM
Apologies if this is covered extensively elsewhere, an admittedly cursory use of the search tool didn't turn up anything precisely on topic.

I have two small 3bbl jacketed fermenters that are off my main glycol loop. I'm constructing a frankenchiller to keep them cool, but have a pretty tight budget for it. My question to those who've worked on systems this size - what sort of head loss do you generally experience due to the jacket itself, assuming sensible flowrates (~3gpm peak)? The assembly is elevated and everything is connected w/ 1" braided HDPE lines, so the total dynamic loss in the jacket is probably going to be the largest factor driving the sizing of my pump, and I don't really have the extra cash to overengineer it.

Any anecdotal data points would be appreciated - cheers!