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Wood Ridge Farm
01-21-2015, 09:06 AM
Looking for someone interested in, and capable of, partial funding, planning, designing, developing, operating and marketing a farm brewery.

Wood’s Mill Malt is a newly established malting facility in Nelson Co VA. Our future plans include an on premises farm brewery using all on site ingredients. We have the unique distinction of growing our own grains, as well as other sources grown in Virginia. At present we grow three different types of 2 and 6 row barley, as well as a red winter wheat and a white winter wheat, on our 300 acre working family farm. We are malting and distributing our malt to local home brewers and local craft breweries and distilleries alike. With our 5000 square foot malting facility we have the capacity to produce 6000 pounds per week of kilned base malts. We also have a large commercial roaster that we use to produce our own crystal, chocolate and other specialty malts.

As well as our barley, wheat, and pure spring water, we will soon be growing our own hops as well. The hops yard is scheduled for spring 2015. We also plan a wide variety of other grains, ie: sorghum, millet, rye, etc. in our 2015 growing plan to feature our “from the dirt to the glass” approach.

We are conveniently located in Wood's Mill, Virginia, along the Brew Ridge Trail, between Charlottesville and Lynchburg on Highway 29, which offers tours of local breweries and wineries in the area. It is in our future plans to have a farm brewery and tasting room on location so that people will be able to taste and purchase a locally brewed beer, "from the dirt to the glass". (local grains, water, hops and a Virginia derived yeast).

The farm currently features several ponds and lakes, river frontage, two cabins for vacation rentals, and an FAA approved airport with grass runways. All of these aspects of the farm are available to assist in the expansion to a farm brewery. With the growing demand of locally produced products, our unique ability to control and tweak the grain production throughout the growing season, malting phase, and all the way to the final product makes ours a truly unique opportunity. Also on location is 30 acres of prime 800 foot elevation parcel, well drained, full sun, sloping landscape perfectly suited for possible future vineyard and winery.

If you are interested in more information and pictures, check us out on our Facebook page: Wood’s Mill Malt House (which details what is happening at the malting facility) and our farm website: www.woodridgefarmva.blogspot.com highlights the features of the farm. An additional website: www.cabinatwoodridgefarmva.com showcases another feature of the farm.
Feel free to Contact Barry Wood 434/531-7362 email: bwoodridgefarm@yahoo.com