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02-09-2015, 11:04 AM

I am an experienced Packaging Manager looking for a new opportunity in the craft beer industry. I am currently in the Boston area and I have worked previously in Southern California. Here are some of my skills that I bring to the table:

• Oversight of all packaging operations to achieve production goals, including management of packaging personnel
• Creation and communication of the overall packaging goals on a monthly, weekly and daily basis
• Creation and implementation of department protocols including SOP’s, CIP’s and checklists
• Coordination with QC Coordinator to improve quality and consistency of beer
• Oversight of all scheduling of packaging personnel using Paychex
• Forecasting and ordering of all packaging materials to maintain healthy inventory levels using JIT
• Ensured accurate logging of packaging using VicinityBrew and Microsoft GP

I am familiar with the following packaging lines: Krones filler and Labeler, GAI 3003 BIER filler, Cask 5 head canning line, and CFT rotary head filler canning line.

Resumes and references are available upon request. I am willing to relocate as well.


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