View Full Version : Best way to keep constant temp in large warehouse space without breaking the bank!

03-29-2015, 09:00 PM
Hi everyone,

Just trying to figure out the best way to keep a large (500sqm (5300sqf) production warehouse space at a constant temp of around 20˚C (68F). Ceiling height is 6m (18ft), and has an insulated roof.

Spoke with an air con expert and he suggested either a Packaged Air Conditioner (90 KW), or put a glycol chiller in with a fan coil unit.

Jim from ProRefrigeration, if you have any ideas, please chime in.

My concern with a PAC is that it could dry out our barrels faster than ideal.

Thanks for any advice and ideas.

Boatrocker Brewing Co.
Melbourne, Australia

04-06-2015, 11:22 AM
If you are just trying to cool the one space, a packaged rooftop is the way to go. A chiller will be far more expensive and far less efficient. And I build chillers!

First look should be at ventilation, then direct evaporative cooling, then indirect evaporative cooling before mechanical cooling. But of course you must verify those methods will work all the times of the year when needed, and will not have negative impacts on indoor air quality and humidity.