View Full Version : Questions for 2-5bl brewpub owners

02-16-2006, 01:08 PM
My brother and I are opening a small brewpub in Virginia. We live in a rural area (pop. 50,000) and we're planning on opening in a small village with a population of about 1,000, but with a roaring summer tourist trade and a few other villages close by.

We are planning a 30-50 seat brewpub with a 2-5 barrel system.

I know a few members of this forum are operating similar places. I would like to put a brief section in our business plan with profiles of brewpubs that have been succesful under similar circumstances. I think it would help when we make presentations to investors.

If anyone has the time, I'd be very interested in the following information. Rough info. would be great.

1. Where are you operating?
2. What's the population?
3. How far are you from a large town or city (in driving hours)?
4. About how much were your start up costs?
5. How long have you been in operation?
6. How many seats in your pub?
7. How many employess do you have?
8. How big is your brewing system?
9. How many barrels do you brew a year?
10. Do you sell off site (growlers, kegs, etc.)?
11. How much are your weekly(or monthly) operations costs?
12. What kind of food do you sell?
13. Do you sell other merchandise (tshirts etc.)
14. If you're in a tourist area, how much of your income is dependent on the tourist season?
15. Do you sell other people's beer? Wine? Liquor?

If you could answer all of those questions, that would be awesome, but any combination of info would also be appreciated. Also, any comments you have about operating in a small market would be very helpful.

Thanks for your cooperation.