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05-16-2015, 01:33 PM
Just looking to get a sense of what people are doing out there in terms of minimizing cold air losses from their cold rooms, particularly while transferring or cleaning brite tanks. I've heard strip curtains work surprisingly well and are inexpensive. Our former facilities guy made a small penetration in the wall, but we never use it because it's positioned awkwardly and frankly I don't see it's advantages over having the door propped open with a blanket stuffed in the crevice (our current SOP). I could see having some kind of insulated manifold with TC fittings, covered when not in use... but I wonder if we are over thinking it. Strip curtains good enough?

Thanks in advance!
Eric, Kauai Beer Company

Floor Malted
05-16-2015, 02:43 PM
At a previous brewery, strip curtains made the difference of the cooling unit not being able to keep up with the door open to being adequate. I'm not sure what was saved in dollars but the curtains helped a lot.

05-17-2015, 09:34 AM
We got ours from this place:


Saved a bit of money by building the hanger ourselves and ordering just the "replacement strips" in the width/length we needed. Works like a charm.

05-17-2015, 11:31 AM
Curtains made a huge difference for us. We do not have glycol trunk lines (we're air cooled) and so keeping the lines in the walk-in to the taps a consistent cold proved essential. Highly recommend.

05-17-2015, 08:40 PM
Strip curtains are the way to go!


05-26-2015, 08:48 PM
Thanks everyone for there insights, thought I might run it by the group again before purchase. I spoke to a customer service rep and his recommendations were as follows:

8" strips
3mm thick
clear anti scratch ribbed (for prolonged clarity)
50% overlap
Face mount (more overlap)

There's no forklift entry, just people and kegs. Sound good?

Thanks in advance,