View Full Version : United Food and Beverage buys and sells used packaging, bottling, and canning equip..

06-11-2015, 07:38 AM
United Food and Beverage sales, and purchases used packaging, bottling, and canning equipment in the Craft Brewery Industry. We buy/sell a variety of equipment including; Pearson Case Erectors, Hartness Case Packers, Lantech Pallet Wrappers, Fillers/Crowners, Stainless Steel Tanks, PS Labelers, Stainless Steel Conveyor, BiDi Tables, Shrink Wrappers, and Much more. We also buy these units so if you have any of this equipment available for sale, feel free to reach out. You can contact our owner for any interest or questions - Jeremy Sanders (843) 622-8434 Or Austin Hart (843) 287-1955 Austin@unitedfoodandbeverage.com

Visit our website to view photos and details of all the inventory we have in our warehouse located in Hickory, NC - http://www.unitedfoodandbeverage.com/product-category/current-inventory/

A few examples of equipment we have in stock and ready for sale - Hartness 100 Case Packer (can run 12oz glass), Meyer 24 Head Filler 8 head crowner, Quadrel PS Labeler (12oz bottles), and Cherry Burrell 4800 Stainless Steel Storage Tank.