View Full Version : 1/2 BBL turnkey start up brewery

07-28-2015, 04:18 AM
This is a turnkey small batch Brewery. This set up is great and we have brewed some killer beer with it! We would love to keep all of this but we just don’t have the room with the new brewery coming in. We are asking $12,000 for everything. Send inquiries to Andy@newsarumbrewing.com

V350 Brew Magic with unitronics touch screen running magic soft version 2.5 (Natural Gas set up)

Chill Wizard with O2 stone

5 Sabco Fermenters

12 6 gallon glass carboys

3 roller monster mill with motor and grist cabinet

Sorry this is Sold.

A bunch of TC clamps, gaskets, hose and lots of other miscellaneous odds and ends