View Full Version : 2 BBL - Two Bright Tanks - Brand New

07-31-2015, 07:33 PM
Two 2 BBL single jacketed bright tanks are approx. 5 in height and 3 in diameter. They have two ports on top, one 1-1/2 TC and one 3 TC with CIP and blow piping. There is a standard manway in the front with two 1-1/2 TC ports on either side. There is a bottom 1-1/2 TC port with piping for drain. We purchased a PRV and Air Stone for each tank. No clamps, gaskets or valves come with the tanks.

We would prefer to sell Local. If you are in Colorado you can come see them in person.

Please contact Christine Wares directly. I can send pictures and prices if you are seriously interested. Christine.kbc@gmail.com