View Full Version : Keg Spears not really clean

08-26-2015, 09:42 AM
So I've been working with a new keg washer, and my keg spears are not getting as clean as I would like. I run acid 6 on low for 2 minutes (I've been using a windowed keg so I can verify that it is getting full coverage on the spear), but I've rewashed a spear several times and this stuff isn't coming off. It seems like old yeast (it has sort of a sticky, waxy consistency) as I am pulling spears out of our unfiltered beer dirties. Do I need to run it longer (I have run one for probably 8 minutes total with a small spot of that substance on it to no avail), or should I up my chemical concentration (Currently at about 1.25 oz of Acid 6 per gallon)?
It seems like they look better if I let the keg sit hot and cleaned for a day and pull the spears then, instead of directly after. Any help would be greatly appreciated!