View Full Version : Double batching with electric elements?

11-16-2015, 07:23 PM
I would appreciate your thoughts on doing a double batch brew day on a brew kettle with electric elements. Do you have to clean the elements before batch number 2 goes into the kettle? Or have you found that back to back brews turn out ok without cleaning them if done in the same day?

If the elements do have to be cleaned before batch number 2 that would make for a long brew day. I guess it would be best to then clean the elements and do batch 2 the next day, in a drauflassen style?


11-16-2015, 07:30 PM
We pull them and wipe them down quickly between batches. As long as they are smooth after the wipe down, we use them. If there is still crud, then we scrub till it's gone. 9 times out of 10, just wiping them get them shiny again.

11-17-2015, 07:18 AM
My elements do require a scrub after every batch. They get a quick scrub between batches (it usually adds about 10 - 15 min) and at the end of the day the elements soak overnight. I've found if I don't scrub the bits off after the first batch it slows down the heating of the second batch considerably.

11-17-2015, 10:56 AM
we back to back in an electric kettle all the time, no problems encountered. The kettle and elements get a hot water rinse after the first batch goes to the WP, then we immediately start lautering the 2nd batch in.

12-15-2015, 08:26 AM
We operate on a Stout 7bbl electric system. We double brew multiple times a week and never run into problems. We hot water spray the kettle in between batches to remove an loose debris and then pump right into it. the only times we do a more thorough cleaning is if we are switching brews from a dark beer to a lighter style, then we do a quick scrub with the elements in place. We run into issues with removing the elements and the breakers tripping and not resetting.