View Full Version : 1 Hl/Bbl Brewhouse

12-10-2015, 12:42 PM
Stainless steel mash tun with laser cut slotted false bottom. Insulated 2" with welded on cladding and legs. Also stainless grant. Hydrator for mashing and sprayball for sparge and CIP. Solid copper kettle whirlpool. Switch station with hardpiping and butterfly valves. Wort pump, 11/2hp Triclover with variable speed drive. Gould pump for hot liquor 1/2 hp.. Two stainless steel hot liquor tanks. Three 90,000BTU burners (choice of natural gas or propane) for kettle and HLTs and 2 plate heat exchangers. Location SW Ontario, Canada. Available now $ 25,0002870028701