View Full Version : Get Beer Making Equipment for a Fraction of the Cost

01-12-2016, 10:56 AM
You find your desired beer making equipment and we will fund it.

My name is Kyle and I am the Brewing Financing Specialist at ILS. I can assist you in financing any equipment you may need to grow your business. I can provide you access to $5K to $5M!

Why you might finance instead of purchase equipment?
- Your business is short on cash flow. (Financing requires no down payment and small monthly payments versus paying thousands up front for a full purchase.)
- Your not ready to invest all your cash flow into a piece of equipment. (Financing allows you to trade in your equipment at the end of the term for a new or upgraded model.)
- Your brewery needs the equipment now! (We can get your business approved for financing so much faster than a bank!)

We accept high and low credit scores and new businesses. If you'd like to learn more about financing and how I can help you, please reach out. Our application and quote process is completely free.

Contact: Kyle Hammond with Innovative Lease Services, Inc.
kyle@ilslease.com l p) 800.438.1470 ext. 117

Learn more at: http://www.ilslease.com/equipment-lease/brewing-equipment-financing