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02-19-2016, 09:59 AM
Starting a brewery? Have a brewery, but wondering why your batches aren't
tasting just right? Thinking about canning? I can tell you the hurdles you
will face. Have great beers, but they don't hold up on the shelf? I can
help you maximize the quality and consistency of your beer.

UC Davis educated, with over a dozen years of wine and beer experience. I
have worked in every aspect of the beverage industry from taprooms, to the
brewhouse, the cellar to the lab. I am a holistic thinker who can help
streamline your protocols, choose equipment wisely and save you money, while
advancing the quality of your brand. My most recent experience was running
the lab at the largest microbrewery in Los Angeles for three years. I
built-out the lab, wrote SOPs, set quality standards and managed inventory
aging. While my expertise is on the technical side of things, I am a
fanatical organizer and can help you run your whole production process more
efficiently. I make spreadsheets in my dreams.

I am currently based in Santa Barbara, but frequent Los Angeles often.
I can work on an hourly rate or per project. After finding out your needs
and budget, I will make a specific quality plan that fits your brewery. I
have my own small-business, so I understand how important having a plan
tailored to your goals is.

Basically, I want to help you make better, fresher beer of the highest
quality while saving you money at every practical opportunity. You may not
think you need help with beer quality, however once you start growing you
will be pulled every possible way. I can help you navigate the tricky path
to sustainable, high-quality growth.

Give me a call at 805-679-3081. My resume is attached below for your


Cris Carter

05-22-2016, 09:08 AM
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