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03-18-2016, 10:28 AM
31622Hi Guys! I'm Maggie, I am the Marketing Director at Ska Fabricating. I have spoken with a lot of you that have sent us inquiries, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. Looking forward to meeting a bunch of you at CBC this year, come stop by our booth #3010 and say hello!

We have been getting A LOT of feedback lately from brewers all over the world using our equipment and getting amazing results. We just wanted to highlight some of that feedback here for our community of Pro Brewers, because in this industry,with the right tools, life is that much smoother (& so is the beer). We now have a number of machines overseas and we recently heard from one of our customers Daniel who owns Fourpure in London “​W​e’re motoring on well with the depal (and canning line)…The advice on ​adding ​the accumulation has been invaluable​. We ​are able to ​have 2.5 layers​ of cans​ in the system which means the operator has good time to swap out the pallets and keep everything running well…Cheers”. Not only is production running smoother for Fourpure, but Andy Jessen, Co-Founder of Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, CO loves what it is doing for their bottom line. "When I think of Ska Fab and our Can-I-Bus Depalletizer I can only think of positives...the install was smooth & the technician was professional and very helpful. The equipment is relatively maintenance-free, easy to understand and operate, and is very intuitive. On top of all that the Can-I-Bus has allowed us to can with 1.5 less employees, freeing up team members for other tasks and helping our bottom line."

Great customer support
Over 200 machines worldwide (and not slowing down)​
Streamlined efficiency
Reliable equipment
Made in Colorado

These are a few of the reason's why we get up every morning to bring some of the best equipment to the greatest industry in the world. If you are looking to improve your canning line or design a brand new one.... let's talk, we've got the history and a long line of satisfied customers that will tell you that we are the original when it comes to small footprint depalletizing and conveyance equipment.