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the belgian
03-19-2016, 08:01 AM

I am a Brewmaster in the US, but I am currently looking to branch off and open my own unique brewery. I need to be able to devote as much time as possible to the production side of the business, which is why I am asking how/ what did everyone look for in a business partner. To give you some perspective on what I am trying to do with out giving too much away here is the long and short:

Looking to open up the brewery in a historical building, will not be focusing heavily in on IPAs (although we may make some) as this plans to be a traditional belgian brewery, all kegs and bottles naturally conditioned (no need for C02 stones in the brites).

With the market being so heavily IPA dominated, does anyone think I even have a chance of finding a partner that would be on board with me, or should I just go this one alone for the time being and as the company grows hire the appropriate people.

Thanks so much!

03-20-2016, 05:19 AM
1.Of course you can find a partner
2.The nonsensei around and about IPA is and has gone well over the top
3.It takes at least 2 years for the average person to really get to know and feel what another is really about
4.Many people that pursue this trade do not comprehend what its going to be about in depth and newcomers are constantly attempting to reinvent the wheel on matters dealing with solid engineering calculation that are not going to change.
Partnership is about being practical and real more than anything else under the sun. The is a lot of unreality going on in " here."
5.Most don't know how to sync or adapt to larger time cycles that we are a part of and are always attempting to force things into time tables that will cause problems.

All the best

03-31-2016, 09:37 AM
Perhaps I can give you some incite finding/having partners in general. I am not a brewer but I am an entrepreneur.

Finding a potential partner is easy. Finding the right partner takes time. I, as many do, treat partnerships just like marriage (because after all, that is what it is). You better know you have the right one before entering a business together or will be tied to the hip with the wrong person.

So what I have done in the past to vet our compatibilities was to take on a projects together, like putting on a presentation of something with your local home brew club, for example. Dating your business partner is invaluable experience. Both of you will learn a lot about each other's goals, commitment level, personality styles, communication skills, love for that industry and most importantly what kind of partners you will be to each other. My personal experience doing this kept me from committing and investing into 1/2 a business owned by someone really wanted a business:
- so they could treat it like a ATM.
- but wouldn't do anything outside their comfort zone (no one like doing stuff outside their confirm zone but to be successful & grow it is required unfortunately)
- but treated you like a subordinate or feel his/her time is more valuable then ours

Also, think about what kinda of partner you are going to be to the person rather than what kind of person you want your partner to be. You will find some interesting thing about yourself along the way.

If you decide to go at it alone that is ok to and a lot of times it is better. But you need to really know yourself. Sole ventures are emotionally draining since you won't have someone support you as adversity hits.

Hope my experiences help you move forward with your venture.

I second the over abundance of IPA available. I like IPA's (love Belgians, Ommegang yes please) but I feel the industry is alienating a lot of potential craft brew drinkers when 80% of the available beers are too hoppy for them.


the belgian
04-11-2016, 07:11 PM
Thanks for all the info. I really do appreciate it. I think for now the best option is to go it alone and a potential prospect comes along the way to deal with it when that time comes.

Thanks again!