View Full Version : Contract Brewing Space Available in CA

04-12-2016, 05:03 PM
We currently have capacity and are licensed to sell CA, NV and OR. Whether you are a start up needing a contract for a few months, an established brewery needing one batch to get you through the summer or looking for a permanent home for your brand, we can help. We are not just a brewery with extra tank space, contracting is a significant part of our business and we are looking to grow it even more.

Our brew house is 15 barrels (bought new in 2013) and we can currently brew 15, 30 and 60 barrel batches. Packaging options are draft and 22oz bottles.

Shipping in most parts of CA, OR and NV can be done for under $100 per pallet with next day delivery.

Contact jeff@wildcardbrewingco.com for more information and pricing. (It's more affordable than you think!)