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04-12-2016, 07:26 PM
Selling My Brewhouse to Expand to Larger system. This system is a Stout tanks system with all things listed below, the system is sold as a complete brewhouse. The Fermenters aren't jacketed but i have low watt heat jackets for them because our brewery was in a cold basement and had to heat instead of cool to temp.

2BBL Electric 3-Vessel Brewhouse
Brewhouse Control Panel
3 Oak Barrels (Recently dumped, whisky, Mezcal, and red Wine)
Transfer Pump
2 Brewhouse operations Pumps
30 ¼BBL Kegs (Stainless)
4BBL Brite Tan GW Kent (Nonjacketed) used in Cooler
4x 2 BBL Fermenters( Unjacketed)
Manual 2head Keg Washer/ CIP Cart
Microscope and lab supplies
Brewery Hosing
Tri Clamp Gaskets and Clamps
Heat Exchanger
O2 infusion set up

Located In western South Dakota

The Asking price is 28000, send an email and I will get you photos

Please Email me at fisherlandon@yahoo.com

04-15-2016, 06:28 AM
I sent you a PM.