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04-21-2016, 03:38 PM
I have an established Brewery and Tap Room in Illinois about an hour east of St. Louis. I have ran everything from brewing the beer to bar tending the past year and a half. I have my formal education in brewing from Brewlab "British Brewing Technologies Diploma" with in emphasis in Belgian and German beers. On top of a Brewing Manufacturing License I am on the last step to getting a Wine License also so i will be able to make Beer, Cider, Wine. Its getting to the point where i am having trouble keeping up by myself, and i am wanting to start to upgrade equipment. I myself want to move to Florida so my goal is to expand the brewery and open a small brewery or brewpub down there. I am open to any ideas so feel free to put in your two sense. For more info or pictures please contact me at michaelkuhn@makraftbrewing.com