View Full Version : Seeking Business Partner/Head Brewer - Twin Cities, MN

05-09-2016, 08:25 PM
I have been a craft beer enthusiast for nearly 20 years but I have never brewed a drop of beer. I am however at a point where I am looking to change careers and would be able to work full time at the brewery. I have been eyeing a particular location for a taproom in an under-served section of the metro for a long time and it has recently become available. The demographics of the area are good and I think the taproom business would be phenomenal. It is a suburban location, not Minneapolis so the glam factor isn't there but it's a high traffic area with lots of parking and I think as a neighborhood bar it would do gangbusters. I want to focus on a true taproom. I want to make high quality beer but I'm not interested in wide distribution/canning/bottling or a ton of restaurants/bars. Aside from my belief that too many craft breweries are coming into business now with an eye on becoming the next Sierra Nevada, as a true nano-brewery, the taproom is where you make money.

I envision a 5-7 bbl system, ideally with 5-6 taps (maybe a cask also). My personal taste aside, this is largely light beer country so there would be a flagship light beer maybe a blonde ale or lager (I know lagers are harder and take longer) along with a mild IPA. I prefer to keep the flagships to a minimum but business is business so that's flexible. My goal is to cater to the local crowd while still leaving room to experiment and put more adventurous things on tap. While I could personally drink nothing but double IPA's and Imperial Stouts forever, I want a taproom that covers as wide an array as possible so hopefully this is where your talents lay.

I have some ideas for name, beer names, advertising, attracting non-traditional customers etc. but I would prefer to find a business partner not just an employee so these things are up for discussion. Ideally you would have experience in a production brewery and have recipes ready for this scale along with some knowledge of sourcing ingredients but that is secondary to passion and our ability to work together.

If this sounds like you or someone you know please pass this along.