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aaron inkrott
05-17-2016, 04:00 AM
Before I start, yes I know I need to discuss with my chemical provider about the frequency of when to re-prep, but I'm reaching out to peers to see what their SOPs are regarding re-prep. Our current chemical process goes back to when we first started, 22 years ago, and instead of following the mindset of "that's how we always did it," I want to find out how to do it better and the most cost effective way so I can discuss with my provider about other practices within our industry. I'm most interested in FV and brewhouse CIP. Our process is as follows:

Brewhouse 120bbl, 4 vessel with internal calandria:
Caustic prepped to 100mS (2%) w/ added oxidizer in boil kettle
PhosNit acid prepped to 16mS (.5%)

This is done every 10-15 brews, depending on production needs.

When beer is filtered, tank is purged of CO2 to about 1000ppm.
Caustic prepped to 70mS (1.5%)
Rinse w/ hot water.
PhosNit acid is ran every 4 turns of the tank. (this was recently implemented after discussing with several breweries who run a turn based system for acid on tanks.)

Our current process is to run Brewhouse CIP at the end of the week, then re-prep all chemicals for the start of the next week. What's everyone else doing? Are you all getting more out of your chemicals?



05-24-2016, 10:08 AM
Titration to measure the free NaOH and looking just how filthy the caustic is. If it looks clean, but is low in NaOH, add more caustic. If it looks too dirty and is low in NaOH, pump it straight into a tank, wort cooler or brewhouse and directly to the drains. Then prepare new.

Same with all of our acids, but we don't use any acids in the brewhouse area.