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06-10-2016, 05:18 AM
I'm looking into step mashing for my saisons, etc. My hope is that I'll be able to accomplish this by installing a stainless HERMS coil into my HLT. Has anyone had any success getting reasonable ramp up times between steps using HERMS on a ~1 BBL set-up? If so, what are your specs? Coil length? Diameter? Flow rate through the coil? I have a 3 vessel set-up with 55 gal. Blichmann kettles.


Saul Kleinberg
Co-owner/ Head Brewer
Griffin Hill Farm Brewery

06-15-2016, 06:20 AM
Hi there,

I know ss HERMS coil and thermal transfer well, but I do not understand your plan perfectly.
Can you explain it in detail?


01-26-2017, 12:13 PM
We have a herms system on our 1.5bbl system that works fine to hold temp but not for temp changes. we have a 50 ft 5/8" copper coil. whith a chugger pump.

By our calculations for 30 gal of water in the MT it take roughly 240 BTU to effect a 1 degF temp change which translates to 15,000 btu/hr for a 1 deg per minute temp change. Add to that the heat capacity of the grain and equipment and you might need as much as 25,000 btu/hr heat source. Thats alot of heat to transfer.

Then there is the matter of liquid circulation. Our chugger pump pumps at best 5 gal/minute. a 7deg difference would yield about 250 BTU/min. The best we can get is 3 deg change and thats if we have the HLT at 180 and are constantly stirring.

Also the enzymes start to break down as temp reaches 160 so I worry about the temp at the metal/wort interface is dramatically higher tho for a short time. is this a problem?

It just hasn't worked for us........ yet

We have thought about adding an inline electric heater and increasing flow ???

has anyone had success?

thanks steve