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07-04-2016, 04:26 PM
Hello all!

I am currently looking for a supervisory position within a distillery or brewery, either as a more production head or as a master distiller, in the Rocky Mountain region, West or East Coasts, or in other countries. I am just ending a brief exit from the industry after a personal loss, which is why I am wanting to leave the region I am currently in.

In short: I've managed breweries and brewery/distillery combinations in two states, with vastly different laws and regulations. I have a B.S. in Microbiology and Biotechnology, with heavy emphasis on biochemistry, physics, and even some astrophysics because stars are cool. I have done a lot in the industry over my brief career, including spending time on committees, submitting publications, and being active in leadership roles within State Brewer's Guilds.

I have attached my resume to this post, which includes all my contact information and only my brewing accomplishments/experience. I have also copied my LinkedIn profile below.

I am looking for an immediate position, as I have no employment income (currently trading stocks while I study for my Lean Six Sigma Cert.) and my lease is expiring this month.

Some of my notable references include Jeff Schrag, of Mother's Brewing Company, and Jake Holshue, Master Distiller at Rogue Ales and Spirits.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope to hear from some of you soon!


Nathan Traw

Happy Fourth Fellow Americans!



07-20-2016, 12:45 PM
If you're still in search of a new position, please contact me at ekirslis@beerworks.net

02-11-2017, 08:37 PM
We are a micro brewery, brewpub, winery distillery on the east coast of canada.
The distillery is a start up., so looking for a distiller to write the book.
We look to meld these all together in the distillery. Brandies and distilled beer, now big in france.
If you would like to talk
Shaun Fraser
Pump House Brewery