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07-22-2016, 08:35 AM
Hey everyone,
We are about to treat our floors for the production area. We already have our drain system in place. All of our water and electrical will be running down from the ceiling to where it needs to go. My question is before we drop thousands of dollars on treating 10,000 square feet with Ucrete, is there anything you would reccomend I double check?

Am I forgetting something that I should do before we put our floors down?

Is there something that you wish you'd done before you put the floors in?

Last thing I want to do is coat the floor and then have to redo it later because we forgot something simple.


dick murton
07-25-2016, 09:56 AM
Ucrete is often used as a generic term for epoxy resin screeds. The original Ucrete outperforms many of the cheaper competitors, so make sure you are clear what you are buying, and what the guarantees are. Make sure they will guarantee against the worst conditions you think you will abuse it with.

Good falls to drains
no possible movement in concrete
concrete bone dry before ucrete application
stainless channelling / plating to prevent strong caustic / acids / hot fluids from running directly on Ucrete (I know it is supposed to cope, but long term, I'm afraid my experience is that it doesn't - not that anything copes that well, though tiles are often better)
Make sure all hot liquids from CIP sets run directly into stainless expansion chambers and never run over the Ucrete.
Identify high wear areas, e.g. Fork trucks are best not run on wet ucrete and double check for cracks in concrete slab etc as the ucrete will rapidly crack over the cracks, and once wet underneath will start to lift.
Protect bund top edges with stainless plate over top where wear is possible to reduce chipping

If you have to drill though it to secure plant to the main slab, make sure the guys doing it use the correct sealants and methods, to prevent moisture ingress below ucrete.