View Full Version : 3 bbl Nano Brew system

07-31-2016, 09:44 AM
Approximate 3-3.5 bbl steam jacketed Brewing system. Comes with the following items:

-Mash tun w stand, steam jacketed, Wedgewood false bottom and lid
-Boil kettle, steam jacketed, condensate stack
-Cart with pump, plate chiller, some sort of damaged filtration system

The mash tun sits in the back steel stand which bolts to the ground. When mashing is complete, the mash tun gravity feeds into the boil kettle. The mash tun can then be tipped on the stand for easy cleaning.

I have not used this system yet as I have changed my brewery plans. Purchased from a former brew your own facility. Approximate output appears to be 3-3.5 bbl.

Please email me at westscornerbrewing@gmail.com for more photos and information. Asking 7,000 usd or best offer. In Ontario, Canada. Needs to go!

Thanks for your interest!