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08-25-2016, 05:52 AM
Howdy all! It's been ages since I have posted. Racking off batch 770 this am!

I have a simple question:
Why would you order non-stackable kegs?
We have a mix of the 500 or so in our float (stackable and non-stackable.) In the first few years, we sourced used kegs, of any variety we could get, and they were all non-stackable. Now we only buy new, 50 L kegs, and ONLY stackable.
I see very little reason as to why non-stackables even exist, other than being wary of stacking full kegs, which we do all the time, and safely.
I guess if space in the dirty keg pile, space in the cooler, space in the truck etc, is not an issue, then stacking kegs would not be a big deal.
In our little brewery, and restaurant, space is a ridiculous luxury, and being able to stack two kegs (50 liter), is something I loathe considering not being able to do.
Anyone else order only stackables like us?
I'm just curious, and I have been wanting to post on ProBrewer for awhile now.

Matt G.
Salmon River Brewery

10-18-2016, 11:37 AM
Cheers Guys.
Yes, once our kegs go to our distributor, the stackable feature are no longer useful (unless everyone used stackable, so the distributor, self or otherwise,could bring in multiple kegs at time, in a safer manner). We sell over half of our 1000 bbls per year in our restaurant, and with our brewhouse,no longer next door, so no serving tanks, we deliver kegs a couple blocks, so we move a lot of kegs, hence we stack like crazy, at the brewery, in our beer truck, in our cooler at the restaurant. I don't like to imagine not having the option to stack two full kegs, and having the stackbale function built in, is nice, as I do not need to buy any other equipment. We stack four clean empties high in our cooler at the brewery when we are kegging. All of that is why we like 50L too....that extra weight (nearly 20 pounds when full) is noticeable when yarding around full kegs. We charge the same price per ounce as we did when we ran with 15.5's, and we have no issue with our distribution of 50L. Out of the 300 stackable kegs we have in our float, we have 2 that have come back pinched on the bottom, and do not stack well anymore, after 4 years, since we switched to 50L stackable.

With nearly 70% of breweries in the United States in the Brew Pub category, I would not consider space issues as rare, in the craft segment anyhow. Of the 50 here in Idaho, even the largest, like Grand Teton, are space challenged, though the larger like GT do have fork lifts. Many Brew Pubs, like us, do not have fork lifts, or automated pallet jacks, so taking two stacked kegs, that are well locked in, on a hand truck is a superior option IMO. :cool: