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02-03-2017, 11:52 AM
Costing the floor and walls for our 500 sq/ft space - which involves cutting an existing concrete slab to add a centered trench drain on the long axis, pouring a new sloped slab graded to drain, and sealing the new floor. Walls are currently horizontal ~ 8" panels (painted timber?) coming down to the slab, over timber framing with fibreglass bat insulation.

Wondering what to do for the walls (just a lower eg. 4ft washdown section, up higher the existing vertical paneling can stay, with a coat of good mildew resistant paint) and what type of coving or other interface is recommended between the edges of the new sloped slab and the walls, for a sanitary and watertight seal. I've read threads on covering existing walls with FRP panels (both thin sheet, and pre-laminated to plywood), PVC tongue and groove panels, and even just well painted drywall (for the record, I worked in a brewery with single 6" high quarry tile coving, and then painted drywall, and it is still in perfect shape 5 years later).

Here's a pic of the existing interior wall paneling.



02-04-2017, 08:28 AM
I would suggest FRP with thermoplastic rubber cove base glued/epoxied at the floor/wall junction. Smooth, cleanable, durable. Lasts for years and years.