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03-29-2017, 01:15 PM
Gilman Brewing is looking for a new member to join us at the shop. We are seeking an experienced applicant for a full time cellar/packaging manager position. We have a mellow family environment and a great position within the growing East Bay brewing community.
We focus on farmhouse and Belgian styles (yes, we still love IPAs and distribute a killer double as one of our flagships so don’t worry…). This position does have advancement potential for the qualified individual with the opportunity to grow into an assistant brewer position.

We believe that every position in the brewery shares responsibility for producing an exceptional product- the contribution of each individual on the team, from production to processing to serving, merits the same respect and level of involvement in the process and deserves the same level of recognition for those efforts. This is very much a family, team, and passion first and a business second.


The cellar manager is responsible for all aspects of the processes related to fermentation, conditioning, treatment, clarification, carbonation, and packaging of product.
This position requires a hard working, dedicated, and self-motivated individual with the ability to synthesize information and intelligently troubleshoot. Dedication to continued improvement, growth, and learning is extremely important. The ideal candidate should also recognize that everything we do at work as well as in public reflects on the business. An ability to embody our family vibe and the stoke in what we do to the public is vital, as is a lack of ego and a great sense of humor.

Natural leadership, integrity, loyalty, and a good sense of humor are all factors in whom we hire.

Position Specifics/Details:

Maintain a spotless brewhouse and brewery area (cleaning, scrubbing, and more cleaning)

Safely follow detailed SOPs for cleaning and packaging

Document (via computer and manual logs) cleaning, calibration, packaging, brewing, and maintenance tasks

Assist brewers with developing/refining SOPs

Be willing to learn as well as teach and train others in brewing/cellar/packaging

Clean, sanitize, transport, and organize kegs and bottles

Clean some more

Organize & clean walk-in cooler

Grain: inventory, organize, transfer into silo, assist with milling

Organization of brewery equipment, supplies, and ancillary items

Receive/maintain/document inventory for all ingredients and products

Assist brewers with day to day tasks

Assist with yeast handling/management

Cellaring duties including glycol system management and maintenance

CIP (clean-in-place) of brewhouse, fermentation vessels, and other equipment.

Maintain a spotless brewhouse and brewery area (again)

Follow/maintain/develop sanitary practices in all aspects of beer processing

Execute preventative maintenance on all brewhouse and cellar equipment

Assist with lab testing and other Quality Assurance activities

And a final round of cleaning…


Minimum six to twelve months experience in a commercial production brewery or high-volume brew pub. *This is not an entry level position- we do not have the time to train someone who is green. We would love to do so but at this stage in our growth we just don't have the time or additional manpower to do a ground up training camp…if you don't have the experience, please contact us to discuss volunteer/intern possibilities).*

A strong passion for the industry and a desire to advance your personal/professional skills by helping to build a young brewery

Basic understanding of brewing concepts (basic brewing and fermentation concepts, yeast handling, CIP, sanitization, etc)

Strong organizational habits, a self-motivated work ethic, and good critical thinking/problem solving skills.

Flexibility in terms of hours and a willingness to work night shifts, weekends, and overtime.

Basic computer literacy with basic understanding of Microsoft Office programs. Willingness to learn and use brewery software (Ekos). Previous Ekos experience a huge plus.

Ability to self direct/manage time without direct input/supervision

Ability to perform multiple tasks sequentially/concurrently without becoming overwhelmed

Ability to work both alone as well as with the rest of the team

An understanding of basic quality assurance (QA) methods and techniques; basic knowledge of brewery related chemistry and biology a plus (basics of what acids and bases are; basics of how yeast and bacteria work etc.)

Experience with forklift operation (certification a plus but not mandatory if you have experience)

Clear Drivers license – be able to drive a stick shift (we can teach you).

Don’t apply if you will fail a drug test (don’t sweat drugs that are legal in CA…) J


Ability/willingness to engage in heavy physical labor including climbing stairs, climbing into tanks, pulling hoses, scrubbing/working in hot environments or in uncomfortable positions (bending/squatting/reaching) etc.

Ability to stand/walk on hard surfaces for an entire shift

Willingness to work in wet/hot/cold conditions

Willingness to work in consistently loud environment

Ability to work safely with potentially hazardous chemicals

Ability to move up to 160 pounds (roll/hand truck) and lift up to 80 lbs.

Willingness to adhere to all PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements and follow all SOP safety protocols without question

Benefits will include basic medical, 401k, sick leave, uniform. Pay commensurate with experience ($17-25 to start).

We really are a big family and are not just looking for someone to fill the spot- we need someone who fits into the bigger picture. Hit us up at info@gilmanbrew.com with your resume.