View Full Version : Turn Key 30 Bbl. Brewery &Taproom

04-03-2017, 05:58 AM
Turn Key 30 bbl. Brewery & Taproom for Sale in beautiful Southern Arizona.
The facility includes, a 30 bbl brew house & brewery (major brewing equipment listed below), taproom/bar, hand bottling system (PegasCraft), taproom bathroom, office, outdoor, covered patio with views of the San Jose Mtns. in Mexico, condo (2 bed, 1 bath), delivery vehicles, forklift, Conex shipping container and much, much more. Asking price is $475K OBO. This asking price includes the brand. If you are interested in an asset sales without the Beast brand, the price is negotiable.

Check out http://www.beastbrewingcompany.com

Fermenters – 130 bbl conical, 2 x30 bbl horizontal stainless converted milk tanks
Mashtun – converted saki tank with perforated screens and mash mixer
Kettle – direct fire 1.5 MM btu, 1880 gallons
1880 gallon hot liquor tank with recirculating Rinnai heater
La Franchi heat exchanger
RO water treatment system
Filter – Velo vertical plate DE
10 head keg filler/washer
47 bbl grundys in walk-in

Contact Jim and Amanda with questions or for more information.
james@beastbrewingcompany.com; amanda@beastbrewingcompany.com