View Full Version : Master Brewer position in Key West Florida

04-18-2017, 12:23 PM
Waterfrontbrews in Key West FL is now hiring an experienced Master Brewer and 2 assistants.

Manage the production schedule, storage, and distribution of our exploding brewery operation
Oversee our brewery sites, transfers, and labs.
Purchasing, store, inventory, test, and maintain ingredients
Manage all packaging program as that facility comes online.
Supervise brewery department employees, mentor interns, etc.
Educate other team members such as tour guides, bartenders, and servers.
Manage quality assurance and control systems
Communicate information on each beer, publish a beer news weekly, and write ad copy as needed.
Manage maintenance of equipment.
Represent the brewery at beer festivals, in various beer communities, and academically.
Leader in recipe group, pairings group, and sensory analysis.
Participant in branding, touring, social media, and advertising groups as needed.
Participant in expansion plans and execution.

Must have experience in production, recipe creation, employee supervision and development,

Must love everything about beer, making beer, tasting beer, and talking about beer.
Must have experience operating brew equipment.
Must be able to lift 75 pounds, bend, stand, climb, and otherwise successfully navigate the job.
Must be able to read, write, and communicate effectively in fluent English.