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An investment in high quality, long lasting seamless brewery flooring from Duraamen will pay dividends for years to come. Do it yourself or have a professional seamless flooring contractor do the install. We’ll try our hardest to work with your budget and timeline.
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Moisture Resistant, Bacteria Free Flooring | USDA Compliant
Duraamen’s Perdure UMC Urethane Concrete Coating was engineered with brewers in mind. It’s seamless and crack resistant, eliminating space for bacteria and microorganisms to hide.

Effective drainage capabilities
Wherever your brewery accumulates excess water, we’ll lay it to falls so the excess water gets removed — fast.

Our flooring is super-tough to withstand all the hazards a brewery can throw at it.
• Caustics, disinfectants, sanitizers and high-pressure cleanings have no effect.
• Thermal shock (extreme changes in temperature) has no effect.
• Abrasions and impacts—durable enough to take the pounding of kegs, hoses, tanks, heavy equipment, and high foot traffic

To prevent potential slips in high risk areas we’ll give your floor a proper, textured finish where required.

A Good Looking Tasting Room
With the color options and design versatility of urethane concrete, we can give your tasting room floor a look that fits your interior design while still tough and nearly maintenance free.

Longevity and Maintenance
Your new seamless floor is designed to last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Fortunately, little maintenance is required due to the toughness and moisture resistant nature of our flooring. Little more than hosing or mopping is required to maintain the look and toughness of our flooring for years to come.

Duraamen understands and caters to the needs of startup businesses and do-it-yourselfers. A seamless flooring expert will help you choose the right products and guide you through the installation process no matter what kind of preexisting flooring you may have.

Duraamen partners with a vast network of professional flooring installers. We’d will refer you to an installer in your area who uses high-quality Duraamen products.

Either way, Duraamen can help you find a flooring solution that meets your project requirements, budget and deadline.

Call for a Free Estimate
To learn more about how we can help your brewery, call or email Duraamen:

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