View Full Version : Sanitary Stainless Mobile Welder and consulting in Montana, Washington, Colorado

09-18-2017, 07:24 PM
Hello Fellow Brewers,

I have been making tanks for the last 7 years and have moved to Montana part time to start up a new phase of our business. I will be doing mobile service to breweries in the states of Montana, Washington, and Colorado.

We have 20 years of brewery experience with fabrication, design, rigging, brewing, startup, and build out. We can act as general contractors and we can also liason between you and your contractors to save you real money. We have built equipment for breweries in 40 states, have dozens of GABF medal winners using our gear, and know the business inside and out. We realize how capital intensive this business is and want to help you build/expand/furnish your operation as efficiently as possible and not have to forgo equipment you need because you spent too much on getting your brewery built. We have seen this time and again. The build out gets out of hand and then the brewer suffers as they cannot get everything they need to do everything they want to do. We are not just welders or brewers or business managers. We are brewers, who build and weld, have run and owned breweries and actually drink craft beers.

Services we can offer. Welding stainless and polishing to a sanitary weld. Or, if you need a scaffold or platform built we can do that too. We can help you get your brewery off the ground, or help you fit out the last missing pieces of your operation. We can rig tanks for you, move stuff in and out, and install the trickiest of operations. All for fair prices.

We know all aspects of brewing operation and can do everything from build you a cool ship to brew what goes into it.

We have tanks available for virtually all functions in the brewery in stock and ready to go.

Lots to post in an ad this small. Just let us know what you need to know.

PM or call 608 six oh six-8388 and let us know, talk to you then, James