View Full Version : Post Dry-hop Squashy Aroma

02-01-2018, 03:16 PM
I've had a intermittent issue with an off putting squashy aroma that only seems to surface after we have dry-hopped a beer. It reminds me of sticking your nose in a freshly carved pumpkin. These beers come down to terminal gravity and desired pH levels like clockwork tasting and smelling great. After 3 day at terminal gravity we require passing VDK for 2 days at which point we step FV temp down to 60F to harvest and dump remaining yeast. Glycol is then shut off when we add dry-hop and rouse am/pm for 5 days(temp never free rises higher than 68F). Dry hop is added through top port with positive CO2 pressure. This has been our consistant process for years and many national awards. I've had yeast from these batches tested for contamination or mutation and have shown no abnormalities. All our hops are coming from the same selected lots that we have been using for over a year. It also doesn't seem to have any correlation with specific hop varieties. After we crash, drop hops, and fine the aroma and flavor is still quite prevalent. Looking for anyone who might have had a similar experience or that has any clever ideas/theories.


02-25-2018, 11:42 AM
Most commonly, it seems, brewing literature connects acetaldehyde to green apple character. However, that compound often expresses itself as raw pumpkin, especially in dry-hopped beers. Managing yeast health to ensure complete conversion of acetaldehyde to ethanol is the way to avoid the squashy pumpkin guts phenomenon. Zinc is a key mineral in that final step of the pathway from sugar to ethanol.