View Full Version : Northern IL/Southern WI - Scientist searching for a new direction in life

02-08-2018, 09:43 AM

Iím a laboratory trained scientist with a passion for quality and a respect for the role of yeast and bacteria in fermentation. I want to take the skills Iíve developed in scientific research and apply them to your brewhouse, cellar, and/or quality control/assurance program. Iím an expert in aseptic and sterile technique. Iím also equally comfortable with expensive pieces of equipment and getting completely dirty when the situation calls for it. Iím excellent at multitasking, technical writing, and logistical planning. I have an excellent attention to detail and very good analytical and problem solving skills. Iíve completed the Craftbrewers Apprenticeship Program via the American Brewerís Guild and spent a month apprenticing at a regional Midwest brewery in their brewhouse, cellar, and packaging line. If one or more of these skills interest you I would love to talk with you and convince you that Iím the person for your brewery.
I can be reached on here or at ronchettia(at)gmail(dot com).

Thanks and have a good one,