View Full Version : RMS mill feedback experience?

02-13-2018, 12:22 PM
We are running a 9X6 RMS roller mill and have had very touchy lauters. We have our gap anywhere between .063-.068 to get adequate results. The problem is, even at 0.068 the crush samples are a mix of very course grist and extremely shredded husk. Not throwing RMS under the bus, they have sent two different techs out to re-adjust everything. More curious others experience.

02-13-2018, 10:50 PM
I have used a 4-roller RMS in the past and it was probably the best mill I have used over all. I never actually measured gaps on the mill because I had a set of sieves and was able to check my crush that way instead. I just pulled samples from each set of rollers and adjusted accordingly. Ever since I had a huge change in kernel size from large supplier at a previous brewery I have paid more attention to the crushed malt over the gap sizing.

A lot will have to do with the malt as well, and if your husk is particularly dry it can shred or fray easily. Some may condition the malt by moistening it prior to dry milling to help keep the husk in tact. I would suggest opening the gap until the kernels are just cracking and then working finer from there. If you see the same efficiency from the larger crush and have an easier lauter, then you should be good. If you see a huge efficiency loss, then you will need to reduce the gap.

There are also a lot of details that can effect lauter speed outside of the mill such as hydration ratio, vorlauf, temperature, grist composition, and false bottom design. You don't exactly explain what you mean by "touchy lauters" so it's hard to give any specific recommendations.