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08-16-2007, 09:16 AM
After attending a great IPA fest at the Bistro in Hayward this last weekend, i heard rumors of these crazy little hop aroma tabs being used in several of the beers. Curious, I called our freinds at hop union and they told me that they had them, but didnt give too much detail on thier usage. I ordered the "generic aroma" (i guess they are phasing out the Cascade as no one likes them) tabs and plan to do some experimenting, but was wondering who else is using them and how they have helped or hurt your beers. Any suggestions on usage?

Cheers and beers

08-17-2007, 08:33 AM
Hello, Nic

After being a big proponent of the Hop Aroma tabs. They can and do help in some situations, but time and time again people are starting to figure out they have certain isolated compound flaviniods that have a certain smell/flavor that's hard to mask and are definately starting to be looked down/ picked up on in judging circles.They did'nt make Cascade tabs again this time because there is'nt a surplus the whole crop of Cascade is being bought up by us brewers :eek: , maybe at the end of the crop year they'll make more?
Straight pellets usually have the best aroma these day's,unless it's that one time of year during harvest for fresh flowers.Then fresh flowers kick butt, otherwise a flowers aroma is so delicate and hard to keep fresh it's extremely hard to keep in bottle.Just ask Sierra Nevada they've spent millions on it.

Call me sometime we can talk shop about Aroma,I've got a few tricks.
James Costa
EX user of hundreds of Hop Tabs

08-18-2007, 04:26 AM
We have found them to work quite nicely in many of our casks. The Cascade as well as the straight AROMA tabs. We have been using them in this application with great results since right after Yakima Chief brought them to market a few years ago.


08-24-2007, 03:25 PM
I started to use aroma tabs as an alternative to dry hopping with pellets, at the time our production was fairly small, and sometimes the hop aroma would be rather inconsistent, not to mention the hassle of DE filtering hops. I still use them, and think they are great. The beer they go in is our best seller, easy to filter. I almost always filter multiple batches thru the filter, and clogging it with dry hops or losing beer while dumping hops out day after day is just not an option anymore.
I do single hop beers as a whim, these are dry hopped with pellets and served unfiltered. :D