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11-26-2007, 02:01 PM
I'm looking into the brewery laws in Rhode Island to see if it is possible for self distribution. I'm trying to decypher what the law says.

3-6-1 Manufacturer's license. (a) A manufacturer's license authorizes the holder to establish and operate a brewery, distillery, or winery at the place described in the license for the manufacture of beverages within this state. The license does not authorize more than one of the activities of operator of a brewery or distillery or winery and a separate license shall be required for each plant.

(b) The license also authorizes the sale at wholesale at the licensed place by the manufacturer of the product of the licensed plant to another license holder and the transportation and delivery from the place of sale to a licensed place or to a common carrier for that delivery. The license does not authorize the sale of beverages for consumption on premises where sold. The license does not authorize the sale of beverages in this state for delivery outside this state in violation of the law of the place of delivery.

(c) The annual fee for the license is three thousand dollars ($3,000) for a distillery, five hundred dollars ($500) for a brewery, and one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) for a winery producing more than fifty thousand (50,000) gallons per year and five hundred dollars ($500) per year for a winery producing less than fifty thousand (50,000) gallons per year. All those fees are prorated to the year ending December 1 in every calendar year and shall be paid to the division of taxation and be turned over to the general treasurer for the use of the state.

I'm taking the part in italics as permission to sell to a retail establishment. Any thoughts?