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start up consultant, I will save you thousands of dollars

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  • start up consultant, I will save you thousands of dollars

    First off, let me say one thing. I will save you thousands of dollars. I cannot offer a money back guarantee, but then again, maybe I can.

    I have watched tens of breweries spend 10s of thousands of dollars unnecessarily and would like to help you save some cash.

    I have been building and sourcing equipment for dozens of breweries in the past year and it painfully obvious to me that many folks who are starting breweries are throwing tons of money away. I can negotiate with your contractors to keep them from over charging you and/or trying to sell you stuff you do not need.

    I have owned two brewpubs, 3 other restaurants, built all of them and know my way in and out of the build out process.

    I am now building brewery equipment and have OEM pricing on pumps, heat exchangers, fittings, etc, so I can get most of this much cheaper than anywhere else. Plus I am a pro at finding you used equipment that will save you thousands.

    I have also seen a few things that have totally freaked me out.

    1. Spending $20,000 on boiler and piping and then using dairy tanks as your primary fermenters.

    2. Getting hosed by HVAC contractor for a $15000 bill to vent your brewkettle.

    3. Buying fermenters from China with a bad deal, and having them rust in weeks.

    4. Leasing a building with 4 foot doors and 6 foot wide equipment.

    5. The list goes on, but really, I would love to help you save your cash, so you have a better chance of making it.

    In which case, I know people are making big mistakes with their start up process and I see it happen all the time.

    So, if you want to save some money, or need me to answer some questions, I have been doing this since 1993, except for a 8 year hiatus to raise children and make biodiesel equipment. Fees are $100 per hour. Very cheap, considering I will save you thousands.

    PM me for more details.

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    Do you have a website?
    Tim Eichinger
    Visit our website


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      website is the next thing I am working on

      I do not have a website-yet. Hopefully within a few weeks, James


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        I think that will be helpful. It gives legitamcey to your business and allows for potential customers a look at who you are at their leisure.

        I'll be sure to look at it when it is up and ready.

        BTW I am a big proponent of using used equipment - especially re-purposed dairy stuff. One just needs to understand the process they want to use for brewing.

        Good luck
        Tim Eichinger
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          Going great so far

          I'm opening a new brewery in Ankeny, IA, Number 7 Brewing Company, and have had the pleasure of working with James.

          We are still in the beginning stages of sourcing equipment and getting things set up, but I can say that James has already saved me THOUSANDS of dollars on my brewhouse alone. He's great to work with and I feel fortunate I found him on these forums.

          Just my two cents and non-paid endorsement

          Matt Sims
          Number 7 Brewing Company


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            send me


            Do you have some info you can email me?

            Kelly Meyer
            New Braunfels Brewing Co.
            “ H e r e ’ s t o L I f e ”
            830.626.BREW (2739)
            Kelly Meyer
            Owner/Brewdude/Asst Janitor
            New Braunfels Brewing Co
            180 W Mill St downtown NB, TX
            830.626.BREW (2739)
            w w w . n b b r e w i n g . c o m

            "Don't think, drink" - - Tony Stark


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              Yes Please


              We are interested in your services. You come highly recommended by folks in Grand Rapids MI. Please send me an email with your contact information sowe can discuss next steps. I also sent you a Private Message.



              Tyler Nickerson