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New Jersey/New York/PA Brewer Available - trained ABG Graduate

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  • New Jersey/New York/PA Brewer Available - trained ABG Graduate

    Hello Everyone -

    I am looking for a part time position with a brewery in the New Jersey or New York City area (preferably) but would commute a further distance for the right opportunity. I have 4 years of home brewing experience as well as volunteer experience at local breweries and, more important, am a graduate of the American Brewers Guild IBS&E program. My brewing is focused on gluten free recipes but I have equal amounts of experience on extract and all grain.

    It is important that I note that I am not looking for a permanent job, but I would be open for temporary full time position. As honesty is the best policy, I am in the process of securing the financing to start my own brewery within the next two years and looking to add to my resume and experience so that the bank is more secure in my experience. I will not require heavy training from the brewery perspective because I do have experience on larger equipment, but getting the rust off and learning the unique aspects of your brewery should be recognized. I am also willing to sign a non-compete agreement as to not step on your own turf with my brewery plans.

    My formal training includes the science, engineering, and brewing aspects of malt, barley, and hops selection/growth, engineering behind a brewery's operations (flow rates, heat exchange, etc.), laboratory sciences in terms of brewery applications, biological components and reactions within the brewing process, and more. My formal education comes from Boston College and my 5+ years of work experience include product management, marketing, promotions, advertising, accounting, operations management, and team management. Resume and References available upon request.


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    PM SENT. I included my contact info