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Head/Lead Brewer, 6 years exp - BS Mechanical Engineering - Relocating to Colorado

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  • Head/Lead Brewer, 6 years exp - BS Mechanical Engineering - Relocating to Colorado

    Hello, and thanks for reading!

    I am looking to relocate to Colorado, and am open to anywhere within the state.

    A quick bit about me (more detail on resume):
    • I'm a Head/Lead Brewer with 6 years professional brewing experience with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.
    • Educated at the Siebel Institute in Chicago, and a Certified Cicerone® with bartending experience.
    • Current position is management of wort production, cellar, and packaging operations of a mixed-culture focused brewery in the PNW, of which I helped with construction build-out and commissioning of new equipment and SOPs. (1 year)
    • Previous experience includes:
      • Wort and cellar (wood/sour cellar included) management and operations at a 3,000 BBL/year brewpub, leading a staff of three employees. (3 years)
      • Wort and cellar operations on a large production brewhouse, including work with a GEA centrifuge. (2 years)
      • Experience on 7 BBL, 15 BBL, and 50 BBL brewhouses.
      • 4 years experience with coolships, foeders, puncheons, and wine/spirit barrels for sour beer and spontaneous ferments.

    My ideal fit would be a farm-focused brewery - mixed fermentations, wood-aged beers, lagers, and old-world styles. Belgian-inspired brewing is my passion, but I also love to brew clean lagers, hazy IPA's, as well as the classics.

    If this sounds like a good fit for your brewery, please reach out! I would love to send my resume and chat.

    As I am currently employed, I have excluded my name in this post for the sake of confidentiality.

    Thank you for your time,