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Experienced Brewer - BS in Biology + Brewing Cert - Northern IL/Southern WI

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  • Experienced Brewer - BS in Biology + Brewing Cert - Northern IL/Southern WI

    Hi all,

    I am relocating in mid-August to the greater Rockford, IL area for my partner's job. I'm looking for opportunities within an hour radius of Rockford.

    I have near three years' experience working in Virginia Beach as a cellar person and brewer. During this time, I worked with our team to more than double production to a 10,000bbl/year capacity. Serving nearly every role including packaging, cellar and wort production, I can diagnose and fix a can seamer, replace a pump seal and CIP a tank all during lauter. We operate a 20bbl brewhouse with 16-40bbl FVs, 5-40bbl brites, 3-20bbl foeders and 4-20bbl sour side brites/soleras.

    I am sad to be leaving but am nonetheless looking forward to a new opportunity. That's where I hope you come in.

    I have a strong background in microbiology, having graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Biology and Bioethics. I am also a graduated member of the American Brewers Guild where I completed their Intensive Brewing Science Course. My particular focus has been Quality Assurance and implementing tools and protocols for quality control and microbiological testing. That said, I also love working with mixed and wild cultures; I left a career path in synthetic biology as I much prefer the science of natural fermentation.

    I appreciate all beer styles and have brewed a wide variety including IPAs, lagers, Belgian, sours, stouts and barrel/foeder aged beers. I have great respect for traditional beer styles and brewing techniques but also like to experiment and push boundaries.

    If you're looking to add another person to your team, I hope you'll be in touch. I can provide you with a detailed resume and references upon request.

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