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Colorado Yeast Wrangler Seeking Brewer Position

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  • Colorado Yeast Wrangler Seeking Brewer Position

    Hey, I'm Connor and I really just want to make some good beer. After over three years at BSI, propagating and packaging yeast for a good portion of you all, I'd really like to jump ship and help make the beer. While you won't find many years of working in a brewery on my resume, I have a very comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the theory, biology, and chemistry of the brewing process. I am also extremely self-motivated and hard working, enjoy getting my hands dirty, and find immense satisfaction in creating things. I understand the risk associated with hiring someone like me, but I am devoted to the craft and will completely commit myself to learning as fast as possible. I don't mind manual labor and cleaning either, I just want to be involved with the brewing process. Over the last six years, I've been homebrewing several times a month with an overarching goal of innovation/improvement through experimentation. Lately I have found myself targeting low ABV without cutting and corners by focusing on recipe development, improving mash procedures, and adjusting pH. A recent success was a 3.4% IPA using the new French hop varietal, Barbe Rouge.

    I am currently in Colorado Springs, CO but would be willing to relocate to the Pacific Northwest, my old stomping grounds. I'd also be open to Fort Collins or Boulder, CO. Below is a brief summary of my resume and notable accomplishments, but I am happy to send a PDF of my complete resume and/or cover letter upon request. I am also available for phone calls, Skypes, Zooms, or whatever else people are using during the pandemic.

    Relevant Experience

    The Brewing Science Institute (BSI)
    Packaging Department Lead - Jan 2017-Present
    - Large scale yeast propagation and packaging
    - Aseptic handling of domestic yeast, wild yeast, and bacteria cultures
    - Quality Control including cell counts (Hemocytometer, Cellometer), viability/vitality, PCR (Invisible Sentinel)
    - Technical support for brewers over email and phone
    - Process and procedure optimization through advanced spreadsheets and organization tools
    - Training and management of laboratory technologists


    Gonzaga University

    B.S. Biology, Research Concentration - 2009-2013
    - Courses in a wide breadth of biological fields
    - Undergraduate Research Projects in plant physiology and microscopy
    - Scientific writing, presentation, and publication

    KU LuevenX - EdX Online Course
    Beer: The Science of Brewing - 2020

    Major Accomplishments

    - Increased production output through process improvement and hard work
    - Strong attention to detail and time management
    - Excellent consistency in targeting propagation cell counts
    - Profiling of novel lactic acid producing yeast including Wickerhamomyces anomalus, Lachancea fermentati, and Hanseniaspora vineae
    - Research, compilation, and presentation of "Yeast Stressors in the Brewery" at the Rocky Mountain Brewing Symposium in 2018
    - Research and collaboration on "Flavor Compound Biosynthetic Pathways and Management" at BSI
    - Production of numerous efficiency enhancing spreadsheets using Google Sheets and script commands
    - Teaching coworkers brewing theory and process on a home brewing scale
    - Patent on a Lateral Flow Strip Cassette for GenPrime, Inc. in Spokane, WA

    Other Relevant Skills

    - Strong DIY skills
    - Woodworking
    - Graphic Design
    - Computer coding

    Thanks for taking a look. The brewing community is such a great group of people and I hope we can find a mutual, good fit!

    Email or DM me for a resume, cover letter, references, or anything else applicable at


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    I would also be willing to relocate to Phoenix, AZ or any of the surrounding cities (Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, etc.).