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Head Brewer with 7+ years exp. Including pub, production and start-up/construction

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  • Head Brewer with 7+ years exp. Including pub, production and start-up/construction


    I am an experienced brewer currently located in the Mountain West looking for a permanent home. I am currently helping out family brewing at their place. My wife and I are looking to relocate and are leaving our options open.

    I have experience with:

    Grain to glass production of quality craft beer in a variety of settings i.e direct fire/steam, pub/production systems
    All the usual brewer skills: brewing, CIP, cellaring, filtering, packaging, stealthily moving through the taproom undetected. And the understanding of those skills.
    Brewing a multitude of different beer styles: classic, hoppy, lagers, sours, mixed fermentation, barrel aging (yes I can make a seltzer...)
    Start-up and construction
    Operation and maintenance of mechanical systems: water filtration, boiler/steam, glycol, air compressor, malt handling
    Developing recipes, SOP, safety plans etc.
    Training new team members/leading a team
    All the fun paperwork like taxes and production logs
    Working within a budget/always keeping cost and business health in mind
    Working with distributors and sales teams
    I can pour beer in tap rooms, at fests and be a smiling face of the brewery
    Long walks on the beach
    Being very self motivated
    Generally being a good guy

    If you are looking for a hard working, quality crafting head brewer with consistent, proven results email me with your opportunity and I will gladly reply with a proper cover letter and resume.

    Thank You

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    Can you forward me your resume and salary requirements. My email is we are a new microbrewery and oyster bar opening in atlanta Ga.


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      Where are you located - we are in Calgary, AB, Canada. If you are interested and able to work here please forward resume etc. Thanks.


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        We are in Galena, IL, beautiful small tourist town 3 hrs west of Chicago 4 miles from the Mississippi, get 1.8M visitors per year. Good schools. 10 BBl Premier Stainless System, Cellar 110 bbl. Creative position, be your own boss, brew 12 brands, 700-1000bbl per year.
        Interested, send me resume and expectations, or call Warren at 815 275 9469