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South/Central Connecticut Brewer looking for New Challenges

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  • South/Central Connecticut Brewer looking for New Challenges

    Are you in search of a dependable, hardworking, and detail-oriented brewer? Would you like that candidate to have nearly a decade of experience? Should they have the versatility and experience brewing on a wide range of equipment? Maybe they ought to have loads of sensory training and an acute palate? Maybe they have a penchant for hilarious dad jokes and rad puns?

    Well look no further!

    I am energetic, passionate, and ready to undertake some new challenges in the southern and central Connecticut area. I have experience operating brewhouses large and small, semi-automated and fully manual, tall and short, fat and thin, turnkey and ugly frankensystems.

    Looking to start a quality program? Building a lab? Let me at it! Need to write and codify some SOPs? I'm your guy!

    ​​​​​​If it sounds like your brewery would benefit from all or any of these qualities then please get in touch and I'd be more than happy to send over my resume!
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    Hi there bettersense. I am looking for someone like you! My question for you is are you willing to relocate? We are the Ipswich Ale Brewery up in Ipswich Ma on Boston's beautiful North Shore. Please let me know if that would be an option.

    Have a great afternoon!


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      By the way, I can be reached at