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Experienced German trained brewer (5 years+) is looking for work in the new world!

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  • Experienced German trained brewer (5 years+) is looking for work in the new world!


    My name is Daniel, and since 2016 (5+ years) working as a professional brewer in the german (craft) beer industry (in Berlin)

    I did my 2,5 years german brewer & maltster apprenticeship at BRLO Berlin and then started for 2,5 years running as Head Brewer HEIDENPETERS here in Berlin. Working at the moment at the famous VLB Berlin in Beer Analytics Lab - Former homebrewer, very passionate all-around (shift) brewer and massive beer geek! BJCP Judge and CERTIFIED CICERONE included.

    I guess it's super hard to make a job entry into the new World as Work Visas for the USA, Canada, Oz/NZ, etc are super rare (esp not for an ordinary brewer), but who knows what's possible? Maybe a trainee first? Asia would be great too! Happy for any leads or ideas!

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or recommendations.

    Have a look at my CV on Linkedin:

    Cheers and thanks from Berlin!

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    Please email We may have something you would be interested in.


    • silentdan
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      Thanks a lot!! I will write an email to you!

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    Thanks a lot to everybody showing interest! Much appreciated! cheers!


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      Hello Is there a email address that I can contact you at and would you be interested in coming to Canada?


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        Dear all, unfortutly its is a big big hassle to get other then an holiday visa. J1 and other "trainee" options are also not easy as long as not a student etc - i need to postphone my plans.


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          Hi Dan, I have a position that might work for you. Shoot me an email and I will give you the details. We're in Central America , it should be a lot less hassle working here. thanks Tom


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            We are currently looking for a head brewer for a 15bbl brewhouse in Sumter SC. Please forward your resume to
            We look forward to hearing from you.