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  • Anybody looking for temp help?

    I've been throwing around the idea of being a sort of "bridge" hire for breweries in need of experienced, reliable help to hold them over until they can find something more permanent. Basically, a temp position lasting ideally between 6 weeks and 3 months, with a minimum 4 week commitment. I'm open to go really anywhere in the country. Right now I'm just gathering info to see whether or not this is something people would have interest in. I am realistically about 4-6 months away from setting out.

    About me:

    I'm coming up on four years of pro experience. I've done everything from brewery hand to cellar to brewing/head brewer. Been head brewer on a 15 bbl system for the past ~18 months. I've pretty much ironed out the kinks on my recipe arsenal over the past year, so I do bring some stuff to the table there. Special emphasis on hazies, sours, and stouts. The only facet of brewery operation I couldn't jump into and help with minimal training is the canning line. I can certainly offpack, build pallets, etc. I just don't really have any experience running a line, but I'm certainly open to learning if you need me to do that. I'm game to do really just about whatever you need. If this is something anyone would be interested in feel free to comment on the post or message me direct. Thanks!
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    Are you interested in brewing in Va? If so email me at


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      Please contact me if you are interested in Western Washington State.