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Experienced Brewer Seeking Position in Boulder County CO

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  • DavisBrewer13
    Please contact me to discuss our situation for hiring.
    Thank you

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  • Brother Gildas
    IF you are interested in running your own state of the art 20 bbl brewery just outside Longmont/Boulder county Colorado,
    Call me - 301-529-7222.

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  • toochbrew
    If still looking and interested in NW CO (Steamboat Springs), Mountain Tap Brewery is hiring for brewer at our busy brewpub.
    Email or see post for more details

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  • equiwestgroup
    If you are interested in relocating to SLC again we are currently hiring for head brewer at Salt Flats Brewing Co. Any interest in moving back?

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  • Experienced Brewer Seeking Position in Boulder County CO

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    Due to recent changes in my life, the time has come to work at a new brewery. I am reaching out to see if your brewery has any need for a highly skilled and passionate brewer on your team. The life of a shift brewer at a larger brewery isn’t compatible with my family anymore. I am inspired by the things I see coming out of your team and think that I would make a great addition.

    My time in the brewing industry has stretched from Homebrewing, to working in a homebrew shop, to joining Uinta Brewing in 2018 as a brewer/ cellarman. I made my way into Colorado in the summer of 2020 where I have spent most of my time brewing for Left Hand. I pride myself on my abilities as a brewer to pay attention to the details that make great beer. Not the least of which is passion for what you are doing and not settling for good enough. My time spent in the cellar is never boring, that is where a lot of the work happens anyways. From dry hops to tank cleaning, making sure every task is done correctly and with intention makes the day fulfilling. Hot side operations are also fun, with the challenge of keeping a beer consistent over the course of the 8 knockouts it takes to fill our largest fermentors.

    When the time allows, I have also really enjoyed participating in Pilot Programs. I enjoy finding the next beer that will fit into the current family but also stands out to our customers as new and exciting, as well as delicious. I continue to keep up with homebrewing, as I feel homebrewers have a lot of freedom to experiment due to their scale, and not having to sell what they make. Many creative and exciting creations are still out there, waiting to be made.

    I hope that my experience, as laid out in my resume, along with my passion for this profession earns me a conversation where we can discuss how I can become a valued member of your team.

    Thank you for your time.

    Mark Imre

    Brewing Experience

    Brewer - Left Hand Brewing Co. 11/20 - Present

    Brewhouse Operations
    • Ensure all BH operations are executed properly and in an efficient and timely manner as required.
      • Produce the highest quality wort maintaining specifications across multiple knock-outs, crop/pitch yeast for brews and clean brewhouse.
    • Participate in monthly inventory counts of all COGS as requested.

    Cellar Operations
    • Ensure all Cellar operations are executed properly and in an efficient and timely manner as required.
      • Transfer, centrifuge and FPS beer as requested on the production schedule.
      • Perform daily sampling, dry hopping of beers, adjunct additions and CIP/SIP of tanks.

    General Tasks
    • Ensure batch and inventory logs are completed accurately and in a timely fashion.
    • Ensure safe, clean, and organized work areas and common use areas.
    • Actively participate in regular shift change handoffs and walkthroughs, ensuring a smooth transition.
    • Collaborate with the Head Brewer, review any SOPs that need to be updated for new processes or process improvement as appropriate.
    • Perform maintenance duties on equipment as requested.
    • Assists the Lead Brewers in the training of new Brewers, sharing experience and education, as required.
    • Collaborate with other brewers and Head Brewer on all aspects of a Pilot System recipe, including, but not limited, to recipe development, securement of ingredients with Supply Chain Team, spent grain pickups, Orchestrated Beer (OBeer) data entry, and presentation in the Tasting Room.
      • Beers on development team for...
        • Call Me Pale Ale - American Pale Ale
        • Smores Milk Stout
        • Chile Chile Chile Bang Bang - IPA w/ Hatch Chiles
        • Space Orbs the Beer - Nitro Schwarzbier
        • Nitro Pumpkin Spice Latte
        • Coconut Cookie Ale
        • Gnome Debut - Low Calorie IPA
        • Brown Chicken Brown Cow - Nitro Imperial Brown Ale
    • Work with the team to create a safe, quality focused and fun working environment.
    • Served as “One Team Committee” Chair

    Cellar Operator - Oskar Blues Brewery 7/20 - 10/20
    • Clean and maintain fermentation and finishing vessels according to standard operating procedure utilizing CIP, SIP, CUP techniques.
    • Prep fermentation vessels for brewer KOs so they are sanitized and ready on schedule; including yeast harvest, KO line connections and staging.
    • Transfer beer via hard and soft piping to finishing vessels ensuring finished product is in spec and ready for packaging hand-off.
    • Correctly and accurately weigh and stage hops, adjuncts and brewing aids as required for cellar operations.
    • Monitor fermentations by testing gravity, temperature, pH, etc. daily. Adjust fermentation vessel temperatures as required and according to SOP
    • Apply treatments such as dry hops, nutrients, flavorings or other additives utilizing hop cannon and various injection methods.
    • Drop yeast from fermentation vessels safely and cleanly as required.
    • Keep parts, hoses and other tools clean and organized so they are ready to use.
    • Log information immediately and accurately on individual tank paperwork and in oBeer.
    • Complete general cleaning tasks (sweeping, scrubbing, organizing, etc.)

    Brewer/ Cellarman - Uinta Brewing Company 12/18 - 7/20
    • Cellar Responsibilities
      • Daily Filtrations; fermenter prep, transfer loop purging, centrifuge/ DE filter processing, recipe input and monitoring in corosys system, bright tank prep. Ensure finished beer is in spec and ready for packaging team through lab testing and sensory analysis.
      • Daily Yeast Pitches; ensure proper amount of yeast is moved into prepped fermentor in time for brewhouse knock-out. Double check the correct yeast strain is ready and available for pitch. Cell-counting and documentation post knock-out.
      • Yeast cropping to holding tanks for future yeast pitches.
      • Daily CIPs: CIP all equipment used that day; emptied fermenters, filter, transfer loop, dosing tanks, bright tank AUP/CIP, and equipment to be used the next day.
      • Dry Hopping and Post Fermentation additions: ensure proper additions, according to recipe, are added on schedule to keep fermentation schedule on time.
      • Documentation; ensure all actions taken on beers are documented including cleaning of equipment.
      • General cellar cleaning; floors, fermentor exteriors, windows etc.
    • Brewhouse Responsibilities
      • Assist brewhouse brewers in ingredient prep for daily brews.
      • Organize ingredient inventory utilizing FIFO.
    • General
      • Input into Obeer actuals from daily transfers and dry hops.
      • Update SOPs with new procedures and chemical dosing rates.
      • Assist Head Brewer in duties as assigned.

    Cellarman - Bewilder Brewing (Part-time) 6/20 - 7/20
    • Keg beers from bright/ serving tanks to free space for new beers.
    • Transfer, fine and carbonate beers in prep for serving on draft.
    • Fermentor, bright and serving tank CIP.
    • General brewery cleaning; floors, fermentor exteriors, windows etc.
    • Assist Brewer in duties as assigned.

    Education Bachelor of Science: Communication Science

    University of Connecticut: 2005


    BJCP - Certified Judge

    Left Hand Brewing - Certified Sensory Training

    References - Contact Info Available Upon Request

    Gary Glass

    Assistant Head Brewer - Left Hand Brewing

    Cody McKendrick

    Owner - Bewilder Brewing

    Adam Lawrence

    Former Head Brewer - Left Hand Brewing

    Nils Imboden

    Brewmaster - Wasatch Brewery