Hello Everyone!

I'm looking for a part time position helping a brewery within 3 hours from Traverse City, MI. I could possibly do a blend of remote and in person work, 1-3 days a week. I've found my services are best used for training a less experienced brewer to a leadership role, recipe development, and creating standard operating procedures. Additionally, I have experience with capital projects, streamlining, sustainability and increasing workflow efficiency. I am an effective communicator between brewers, owners, and front of house staff. Please, feel free to reach out and ask me anything!

I am currently working a contracting job until mid September, but would be happy to talk to an interested party sooner about what they have in mind.

Here's my linkedIn- linkedin.com/in/justin-rivard-62b4b949

About me-

I've worked in multiple brewery locations over the last eleven years in Michigan and California. I've been a head brewer and production manager for the last seven years in both a production microbrewery and brewpub settings. I have won over ten awards for recipes I wrote from both the GABF and US Beer Open competitions. I'm an Advanced Cicerone (one approximately 160 in the world), and have taken numerous brewing courses from UC Davis.

I've completed a number of capital projects including process streamlining, equipment upgrades, and ROI on various pieces of brewing equipment. I enjoy working with front of house staff on service training, and have taught a few educational beer related courses as well. I've produced both beer and hard seltzer commercially and have experience with wine, mead, cider, and kombucha. I currently work as an R and D brewer and sales specialist for a local malting house in Northern Michigan part time.

I've installed (with the help of contractors) Grain mills, heat exchangers, fermenters, long draw draft systems, boiler components, glycol trunk line. I am well connected because of my Malt sales position, which gives me an edge when locating used equipment.


Justin Rivard