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Brewer With 6+ Years Looking to Relocate

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  • Brewer With 6+ Years Looking to Relocate

    I showed up one day at a brewery that I liked and didn’t stop showing up until they finally started paying me, and eventually made me one of their brewers. No job is too big or too small for me, and I feel just as comfortable producing 10k BBLs a year as working in an R and D facility. My passion is beer and everything related to it. I don’t believe that there are many other people out there that care about what what they are creating more than I do. I’ve had the pleasure of working for some really smart and passionate people and helping opening new places while learning as much as possible, and now I’m ready for something long term with the right team around me. I’ve developed a long list of industry friends over the years and would really love to collaborate with them and also pour at the larger festivals and events. My desire is to have at least some creative freedom, be proud of every product we produce and have enough time to enjoy my family and friends. Ideally, I would like to relocate somewhere where I could forage, hike, camp and fish, work on other fermentation projects (hot sauce, pickles, kombucha, etc.), while not being stuck inside most of the year because it’s 100 or 15 degrees. In a perfect world the position would be opening towards the end of the year and there would be ample time to relocate. I’m easy going and enjoy having fun with what we are doing and would do best in a less corporate and more Black Sabbath setting.
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    I am selling my brewery in Cleveland, OH. Right by Lake Erie for great fishing and only a few hours away from Niagara. Plenty of hiking and hunting around. I did my own thing for 8 years and ran it the way I wanted and the freedom was excellent. If you want to own a brewery. 3bbl electric system. Let me know. Sounds like it might be up your alley.


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      Josh Sejat with Blakes Hard Cider in Armada, MI. We make beer as well and are looking for a new brewer. 10bbl brewhouse with 8 FV's, ranging from 10bbl-60bbl. Blakes is also a farm and apple orchard. We have 4 core beers, with is a lot of room for creativity. Might be what you're looking for with other fermentation projects. Great spot to go anywhere in the state to camp, fish, and hike.

      My contact info is on my profile.


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        Please send resume to We are in Northern California. Cheers!


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          If Milwaukee is of interest to you, let's talk!